The Law Offices of Lee J. Petros’ estate planning and probate practice is focused on the needs of its clients. Whether a client desires a straightforward will that effectively controls the disposition of his assets or requires a complex estate plan combining wills and trusts that control the disposition of his assets to successive generations in a tax efficient manner, our focus is to provide that particular client with the plan that accomplishes his personal objectives.

We advise our clients on all aspects of the estate planning process including planning for the disposition of property using wills and trusts, planning required to address potential estate and gift tax issues, and planning in the event of incapacity.

After the planning process comes the probate process which is the procedure for asking the court to give effect to the wishes expressed in the planning documents. We ensure our clients wishes our met by representing them in this process. If a client has chosen to avoid the probate process by electing to plan through the use of a living trust, then we ensure the wishes are expressed by representing our client in the ongoing administration of the trust.

Throughout the estate planning and probate process, our goal is to ensure that our clients’ objectives are realized.